Why Private Email

We are often asked: ‘Who is the target client for private email?” We ask,”Who would want public email? Do you need private secure email? Do you use the same email account for Facebook and Gmail, Google or iPhone? Do I use this same email address for bank statements, credit cards, insurance, pharmacy, Amazon? Is it the same account online bills and statements are sent to, Is this the email address all your browsing or web searches would be linked to?
Are you an American living in a foreign country, or a foreigner living in America? Would your life or livelihood be threatened if the wrong people read your email? Are you the member of a political or religious organization, of a twelve step group, a member of the Armed Forces, law enforcement, do you work for a government agency?
In June of 2018 congress moved oversight of ISP”s from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and passed laws allowing them to sell the information they collect from us, including name, address, phone numbers, social security number, medical information , religious and political information, interests, accounts , contacts, browsing and search history and so on. Who buys and sells this data? Comcast Xfinity, AT&T Internet, Verizon Fios, Charter Spectrum, Frontier, Sprint, Amazon, eBay, Android, Apple, Microsoft, J P Morgan, Capital one, GEICO, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Equifax, and virtually every other company. We even advertise on the internet, so if you search for private secure email you might find us.
Seven of Google’s popular projects, including Gmail, Search, Chrome, Android, Maps, YouTube and Google Play all have more than a billion monthly users. In October of 2018 Gmail topped 1.5 billion monthly users. There are about a billion iPhones in use. There are an estimated 3.1 billion internet users around the world. These are all great products, and free, sort of. You can continue to use them with the current web browser and apps that you have.
For private secure anonymous email we suggest you sign up for a new account at i3.net, and then you will access your mail in a secure web browser that you download and install on your home computer and mobile devices. We suggest the Brave browser download at brave.com, because it’s fairly new and you probably aren’t using it, so it’s not corrupted. The Brave browser is designed for privacy and security and includes a very good password manager. When you install this browser it will ask you to select a search engine, select DuckDuckGo, it is private and secure as well. When you want to check your mail, open the Brave browser by clicking on its icon and enter mail.i3.net. A login form will be presented fill in your username@i3.net which is your email address and your password and click LOGIN. You will open the web interface for your @i3.net account. The layout and controls should look familiar it has all the features of the major email clients including an address book and calendar.
Is it too late to think about privacy? Don’t they already know everything about me? Yes they probably do but you can reverse that in less than a month by getting a private secure email account from i3.net and changing the browser and search engine you use. Use these for the things that should be private and for a while you can continue using your current email, browser and search engine for things that don’t reveal anything about you. Some of the information in your profile will expire if not updated or added to, the rest can be deleted from your desktop browser and your mobile devices. We will address this in another post.

Get your secure email account now for just $29.95 a year



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