Do I need a VPN?

Do I need a VPN? Maybe, if you taken the steps to ensure your privacy and security; if you have a secure email provider and use a secure web browser and a private search provider. The right VPN could enhance your privacy. A common misconception is that no one knows you are using a VPN. The sites you connect to know you’re using a VPN. If you do not change the browser you use to connect to the internet and your email provider and the search engine you use, you will not hide anything but the IP address you connect from, all the data associated will be updated to include your new IP address(s) as you connect to sites. Your bank expects you to login from the city, state, country you live in not the location of your VPN server; they will have questions.

Over the past several months we have extensively tested four popular VPN providers on various platforms using openVPN with apps they provided. we don’t feel any safer using a VPN than we do without. All four of the VPN providers we tested filtered key services some filtered all services, which means they are censored; and all used proxy servers which means that the data is cached. There are no external security audits of VPN services, you rely on what they say about the security they provide. What about when you connect to an insecure wifi on a public network? Don’t do it, connecting to a VPN after the initial insecure connection will not protect you from man in the middle attacks, malware distribution, snooping, sniffing and malicious hotspots.

If you must connect to a public wifi connect with a secure browser like Brave which will check the connection for vulnerabilities. Use DuckDuckGo as your default search engine, they do not collect or save any data from you. Use for your email provider, when you connect to us you do so through a secure encrypted tunnel that you don’t share with anyone. We have an A+ rating for SSL Certificate Analysis, PCI DSS Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, NIST Compliance, Industry Best-Practices Analysis, Third-Party Content Analysis, all tests were performed by an independent testing lab.

f you work remotely and your employer requires you to connect with a VPN they will usually provide a VPN account for you to connect to, don’t use that connection for anything else. That VPN is for your employers security not yours.

Need more information? mozilla has an article you may find interesting here

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