Encrypted Email

Encrypted Email

Your Email @i3.net – Encrypted and Secure

Secure Email Communication

Your email @i3.net is encrypted in transit and on our servers. All connections to our mail servers are made through encrypted tunnels, ensuring the utmost security for your communication. While other services may send you secure mail, we provide encrypted email that offers additional privacy and control. You can trust us to protect your sensitive information.

Why Choose PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)

At i3.net, we utilize PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or more specifically OpenPGP for our encrypted email service. PGP provides advanced encryption capabilities, and our webmail client includes a built-in key manager for easy management. With PGP, you have full control over your encrypted communication, including multiple key sets and identities. We believe PGP offers superior user control and security, giving you peace of mind.

Setting up PGP Keys

Setting up PGP keys is a simple process. In our webmail client, navigate to settings and click on “PGP Keys”. From there, you can create your keys by providing a display name, selecting the key size (we recommend the default 2048 bits), and setting up a password. Make sure to choose a password that is memorable but secure. Once you save your PGP key set, you’re ready to go.

Configuring Your Mail Client

To use your PGP keys, access the settings in your mail client and click on “Encryption”. Enable message encryption, signing, and decryption by selecting the appropriate options. You can customize whether to sign or encrypt messages by default. Remember to click “Save” to apply the changes. With these settings, you’re now equipped to send and receive encrypted email confidently.

Exchanging Public Keys

Prior to exchanging encrypted emails, you need to exchange public keys with the intended recipients. This ensures that only the intended recipients can decrypt your messages. Exchange public keys over unencrypted email, import the keys, and delete the email afterward. This exchange allows you to establish secure and encrypted communication with your contacts.

Start Sending Encrypted Email Today

Now that you’re fully set up, you can compose emails and choose to encrypt them as needed. Remember, encryption and decryption can only occur with individuals with whom you’ve shared keys. Whenever you start a new session, you’ll be prompted to enter your password to encrypt or decrypt messages, ensuring an additional layer of security.


Try our encrypted email service with a 30-day free trial. After the trial period, the service is available for an annual fee of $29.95. Get started

Now you are ready to send and receive encrypted email.