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If you are using a free email service, automated systems analyze your email to provide you personally customized search results and tailored advertising, analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored. In other words you are being profiled and the information used by your provider and sold to third parties for whatever purpose they choose. They say it’s anonymous, and they collect no personal information, if that is true, then how do they send you all that personally tailored “Content”.

Do you have your phone, electric, water and credit card statements emailed to you? What about your bank statements, are they mailed to you? Online purchase receipts? Calendar reminders? Phone and Email contacts stored on their server? Your son’s birthday and your mother’s maiden name? Have you ever sent or received your username, password, pin or key file by email? we’ve been quietly and continuously providing internet services since 1995, we don’t scan or read your mail, we don’t sell any of your data to anyone. There are no advertisements on our mail client, we don’t share your calendar or your contacts with anyone; because they belong to you.

Private Secure E-Mail at a reasonable cost. With the address you want. you’re in control, we provide the secure architecture for your email system personal or business.

There is no email provider that offers more real security, or privacy. With You can take charge of your security on the internet, you are in control. Create and maintain your private and secure enclave in the internet.

Our system utilizes all open source solutions, combined in such a way that we provide real verifiable security. We are not a cloud based service, we have our own servers, the storage that comes with your account is on one of those servers not on leased space.  It lives on our system in your private directory as long as you let it. You have direct access to it and you can delete it.

Your connection to our servers is always secure, whether you are connecting from your computer, phone or other device.

We provide remote domain support  and an external hardware-based virus firewall is employed to eliminate incoming Emails as a source of viruses.

The external firewall not only scans for viruses, but also checks for malware, spyware and Fedware.  The content filters and mailer reputation tables are constantly updated.

You have the choice to encrypt your mail using open source encryption whether you use Linux, Windows, MAC, or Android operating systems with GnuPG, Gpg4win, GPGMail, OpenKeychain and other open source solutions.

Almost Anywhere™  Your account includes webmail a calendar and contact manager, allowing you to send and receive email using your browser without an installed email client from wherever you are .

We don’t scan or read your mail, we don’t sell any of your data to anyone. There are no advertisements on our mail client.

 A private secure email address can reduce the chance of your personal information being compromised and releasing your private information to the cloud. 22 years of continuous operation.

I’d Like to sign up.

How do you get an email account with Send an email from your current email account to requesting that an account be set up and include your preferred email address; (ie:,, We will send you a confirmation that your email address is available and an invoice through PayPal for one year of service at $30, or advise you that the desired address is not available and offer suggestions. When the invoice is paid you will receive a payment confirmation which will include instructions for setting up your email with various email clients, how to use webmail and how to login and manage your account.

Why don’t we offer an automated signup server? It would compromise your security.

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