Getting Started

I opened an mail account in June of this year to see if it was really private. I have two other email accounts one is my gmail account which I have used for my personal emails I know that google uses the information in my emails and other information they collect fro their apps to deliver advertising to me. My other Email account is my business email. I work for a large corporation with more  than 100,000 employees and my business account is closely monitored, depending on your tier most users cannot  send email to an outside address and all incoming mail is screened.

Recently one of my coworkers posted his resume on Indeed and he was called into HR to find out why. It has been in the back of my mind that perhaps too much of my information is public. I have a son who is a missionary in a country that really doesn’t like missionaries. They allow missionaries in to provide raining for teachers and other professions that they do want with the understanding that the missionary work is restricted. So if I email him with my gmail account and ask “How is work going?” he really shouldn’t answer me.

I opened an account and got my son to do the same. It was easy to set up encryption so we could send encrypted emails to each other but after a bit we just sent plain emails because when you send to another email user on the message never leaves  the server and only the addressees can open it. There are many features I haven’t used yet but I’m working on it, I’m very satisfied and recommend it.

“Name Withheld”

Get started now now with a 30 day free trial. Sign up and submit your payment choice with PayPal and you can have your own account free for thirty days. click on the “Create Account” button below fill in the email address you want as “name” when finalized this will be your email address and your username, then type in and confirm your password, don’t forget your password, we don’t know it we can’t get it, The “Secret Question” and “Secret Answer” fields are used for verification that you are the account holder.  We don’t know who you are. Click on submit and you will be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction using your PayPal account or any credit or debit card. You will get a 30 day free trial if you are not satisfied after 30 day cancel the account and you will not be charged.

After clicking on”Submit” you will be connected to PayPal to complete your payment. We do not get any of your payment information we get a transaction id that is linked to your account.You will be charged $30.00 for one year of email service, this service will automatically renew each year at the same annual cost until you unsubscribe through PayPal. You may cancel your account through PayPal for a full refund.

After completing payment you will get a message to return to merchant click on it and you will go directly to the login page at, enter your (username / email address) and password click on LOGIN, if you are asked to save the login save it, and you have completed your email setup. To check your email from any device go to in your web browser ad enter your email address as your username and password to login. Do not save this login if you are logging in from a device you do not own.

PayPal 24 years of continuous operation.