Getting Started

Getting Started: To open an email account you will need to create an account by¬† opening the create account link on one of the screens and entering the address you want in the field that asks for username. This is not your current email address. We do not need or want your current email address. Your username and email address are the same on our system, it has to be entered in the form Then you must enter a password. Click on “Submit” and pay for the service using PayPal at a recurring subscription price of $29.95 a year which will be automatically deducted from the account you specify through PayPal until you cancel. If you do not complete the payment portion of the signup the address you have selected will not be active and you will not be able to login to the account.

Getting Started 1

After completing payment you will get a message to return to merchant click on it and you will go directly to the login page at,

Getting Started 2

enter your (username / email address) and password click on LOGIN, if you are asked to save the login save it, and you have completed your email setup. To check your email from any device go to in your web browser ad enter your email address as your username and password to login. Do not save this login if you are logging in from a device you do not own.

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