FAQ was updated January 20 2024.

@i3.net has been providing users with secure email since 1995. The level of security has increased to meet the increase in threats from corporate and government tracking, surveillance, data mining and malicious hacking. The strength of our system comes not only from what we do but also what we don’t do. We don’t collect any personal data. Your connection to us is always encrypted, your email messages and any data associated with them is encrypted in transit and at rest. We hide your IP address all email is sent and received from and by our server at our address.

If you use a VPN or Tor Browser even your connection to us is hidden. If you use the email app on your Apple or Android phone or other third party email client to access your account security is out of our control and yours. Assuming they can’t read your mail they can track who you send mail to and receive mail from.

You pay for your subscription with PayPal or cryptocurrency, they know you subscribed, but they don’t know your email address. The information we get  is kept offline and is not directly linked to your email address. It is only used if you cancel your subscription.

We do not use your IP address for authentication, we do not use two factor authentication, we do not offer a VPN, we do not offer cloud storage, we do not have a password manager. Why don’t we offer these services, because we would have too much information. Mama told us not to put all our apps in one basket.

A clandestine government run service could of course offer all these services and conveniences, to collect information. Of course no government would do such a thing.

Our client hides your email, contacts, encryption keys and calendar from your carrier and your service provider. You can dial a call, send a text message or an email from within the contact manager without revealing the contact’s details to your carrier or ISP. Your email, contacts and calendar are safely on our server accessible only to you.

You can sign into your account from any device with internet access from almost anywhere in the world using your email address and password. We trust that you have a strong password that you don’t share. We have your password but we don’t know your password. We can’t read your mail, contacts or calendar. If you send mail to another user on i3.net the message does not travel the internet, it stays on our server, the most secure connection possible.

Government and corporate surveillance is worldwide. Governments track you and buy from or trade data with corporations to fill in the gaps.

Under the ruse of fighting terrorism many countries are attempting to pass legislation to require internet service providers to provide backdoor’s and encryption keys for their services, that would nullify free speech and do little to stop terrorists. Members of terrorist  groups and criminal organizations operate knowing they’re being hunted and have their own procedures to avoid being caught.

Try us now you will be billed annually at US$ 29.95. pay securely with PayPal or pay with crypto, your choice.