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@i3.net secure email@i3.net provides secure email you can trust

Designed from the ground up to prioritize your privacy and security. Our email service ensures end-to-end encryption and remains uncensored, empowering you with complete control over your communication. With rigorous adherence to the highest Email security standards, we deliver all the features you expect to keep your messages protected and confidential.

  • Based on proven open-source technologies
  • NIST and HIPAA compliant
  • Email sent and stored securely

Modern Intuitive Web Client

Experience a modern and intuitive web client that ensures a seamless and efficient email management experience. Our web client is responsive and user-friendly, we use a web app and not a phone app for our secure email service. It hides your email, contacts and calendar from your phone. Send and receive email with E2EE encryption. make calls and send text messages from your encrypted address book keep  your schedule on a private encrypted calendar  Access it from any of your devices anytime, from anywhere. Our webmail client is built on a proven open-source client trusted by users worldwide. It supports over 80 languages, making it accessible to a global audience. With our email client, you can consolidate all your email accounts in one secure place, accessible from any device.

Responsive Support

At i3.net, we are committed to providing excellent customer support. Our responsive support team is always ready to assist you and promptly address any inquiries or issues you may have.

Our History and Commitment

With a rich heritage dating back to 1995, i3.net has been a trusted provider of secure email services. With the same ownership and management team. That’s before Microsoft, Google or Apple even Provided email. We have never had to borrow money or sell stock, we have no corporate grants or government funding. We rely on user fees, our allegiance is to our users. We have helped users worldwide protect their privacy and stay productive.

Stay Productive and Secure

By choosing i3.net, you can enjoy a productive and secure email experience. We have robust mechanisms in place to keep junk and malware at bay, ensuring your inbox remains clean and safe.

Your Privacy Matters

At i3.net, we value your privacy. We don’t collect or sell any metadata associated with your email usage. When you sign up, we don’t ask for your phone number or any personal information, ensuring your anonymity and peace of mind.

Try us now you will be billed annually at US$ 29.95. pay securely with PayPal or pay with Crypto your choice.