Privacy Getting Started

You know you should take control of your privacy on the internet, the problem is it takes changing your habits. One thing we can all agree on is that no one wants to change their habits. I have a suggestion for an easy¬† way to get started, create a new you. This is how it works, the new you has no habits as a matter of fact the new you doesn’t have much. No name, no address, no phone, no social security number, no friends, no enemies, no politics, no history. The new you is anonymous. You can hang on to all your old habits and use the new you to explore and move to the private secure internet.

To become real you are going to have to give the new you a name. Your Email address is your name on the internet. What should the name be be? I don’t recommend “” if that’s your real name try “” or “” or “”. The rules for an email address are, all lowercase letters, numbers 0>9 and the only special character allowed is the ( _ ) underscore. This name will be your email address and your username on our system and you will want to use it when opening new accounts for secure services.

Why, because we meet the highest verifiable standards for privacy and security that there are, we have an A+ rating. Our systems were designed to provide privacy and security from the outset.

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This is privacy step one.