Internet Privacy – Better Safe Than Sorry

EmailBetter safe than sorry

Is your information safe? Who has your email username and password: your husband or wife, brother or sister, father or mother, grand father or grand mother? Probably not, you want that information away from prying  eyes, you would only give information that sensitive to people you trust, like, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, FIOS, Time-Warner,  people with privacy and data management policies and that you trust completely.

How would this change if you had a secure private email account Ideally, you would never give anyone or any entity your email username or password this is a first step. Does that mean I shouldn’t use the mail client built into my phone or computer? Yes, don’t use them use the webmail client that comes with our service. When you use anyone else’s client the fine print will say that they only collect “Data” to improve your online experience, have you read and do you agree with their privacy policy. If you have multiple devices that are synced it is likely their cloud is caching data to make this possible.

When you send or receive mail through you are connecting through a secure encrypted connection to a secure encrypted mail server both sending and receiving. Your connection is to a closed system. If you are sending and receiving email to another user on the situation is the same nothing goes out over the internet everything happens in a closed encrypted environment. No one can intercept these messages.

When you send and receive email between and another secure email provider you essentially have the same level of privacy and security as when you communicate with another user and both systems will apply all the security measures they have in place, firewall rules virus, malware, spam. When you send email to an insecure email your message does not reveal any personal or location information to the recipient it contains your email address and our server information. If you receive email from an insecure email service it and any attachments or links  are checked for malware, viruses, spam and other vulnerabilities, it is checked for blacklists etc.

Is your outgoing mail automatically encrypted? It is encrypted in transit unless you choose to encrypt the message, you decide when you encrypt the mail you send with your own key, a key that you manage. Our mail system has an integrated key management system. Send or receive encrypted email to anyone using OpenPGP.  You should be the only one that has access to your key and you should decide when it is used and who gets it.

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