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Is free email free? Someone is paying for it.

Most companies offering email services collect our private data every minute that we use them.

The information they collect is used to create a complete personal profile  that can be used for anything (and sold to anyone).

How can a company provide free email to 1.5 billion clients, and get rich?

We are often asked: ‘Who is the target client for private email?” We ask, “Who would want public email? Do you need private secure email? Do you use the same email account for Facebook and Gmail, Google or iPhone? Do I use this same email address for bank statements, credit cards, insurance, pharmacy, Amazon?

Is it the same account online bills and statements are sent to, Is this the email address all your browsing or web searches would be linked to?

Are you an American living in a foreign country, or a foreigner living in America? Would your life or livelihood be threatened if the wrong people read your email? Are you the member of a political or religious organization, of a twelve step group, a member of the Armed Forces, law enforcement, do you work for a government agency?

In June of 2018 congress moved oversight of ISP”s from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and passed laws allowing them to sell the information they collect from us, including name, address, phone numbers, social security number, medical information , religious and political information, interests, accounts , contacts, browsing and search history and so on.

Who buys and sells this data? Comcast Xfinity, AT&T Internet, Verizon Fios, Charter Spectrum, Frontier, Sprint, Amazon, eBay, Android, Apple, Microsoft, J P Morgan, Capital one, GEICO, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Equifax, and virtually every other company.

When you connect to using our webmail client your connection is encrypted. Your ISP or VPN provider could see your connection to our server but not the content or where your email comes from or goes to. When you read or write your messages you are not sending them to our server, you are on our server on what is essentially a remote terminal.

The only records of your activity on your computer is in the history in your browser. If your browser setting are set to not save history or to delete history when you close it, there is virtually no record on your device. The next time you login all your messages will be there, on our server in your mailbox, until you  delete them.

Our servers only accept secured connections. All email and attachment incoming, outgoing and between users on our server are scanned for spam, viruses and malware, in an effort to protect our users and our service.

A question often asked, “Can I use the email client on my device? Yes, we support all the known email clients, but, by using them you introduce a third party in the mix. When you use an email client app on your device your email is visible to them, it is in a folder they control in accord with their user agreement.

Can I encrypt my email? Yes, you can send and receive encrypted email, we have a built in PGP key manager, you can encrypt all email or just the email you select. It takes less than a minute to setup, and you control the keys.

Perhaps you like the convenience of an app y[serious-slider id=”5″]ou can just click on to open mail. On your phone or tablet, open the login page on your browser and share it to your home screen, you will create an icon that looks like an app just click on it to open mail. On your desktop, pin the tab on your browser.

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