It’s a Jungle out there

It's a jungle out thereIt’s a Jungle out there!

We are the prey. Who are the predators? They are difficult to recognize they are everywhere. They watch us. They track us. They know what we like. They know who we know. They know where we go. They profile us, fingerprint us, feed us misinformation or disinformation. They read our mail.

Who’s watching you?

Control the information used to show you ads

When you use a website, you’re in control of the information you share and can update your settings any time, you may not know that. The directions for controlling your ad choices is not the first thing you see when you go to a website and once you’re there it’s too late anyway. To see who is tracking you and to opt-out, visit NAIDAA or EDAA.

You can learn more about internet privacy by visiting this website:

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