The only email provider the NSA can’t access?

prismThe only email provider the NSA can’t access? The  United States intelligence community is made up of 17 agencies whose stated mission is: “The Intelligence Community’s mission is to collect, analyze, and deliver foreign intelligence and counterintelligence information to America’s leaders so they can make sound decisions to protect our country. Our customers include the president, policy-makers, law enforcement, and the military.”

The NSA, one of those agencies, is reported to have an annual budget of $8 Billion and employs 35,000 to 55,000 smart people.

Most if not all of the 194 member countries of Interpol have similar intelligence communities with similar missions, INTERPOL’s Heads of National Central Bureaus (NCBs) conference gathered 266 participants from 133 countries.. Then there are Russia and China. Here’s a list of intelligence agencies around the world .

The only email provider the NSA can't access? 1Geography offers no protection from government surveillance, which generally targets terrorist and criminal activity.  We value your privacy. No Metadata is collected or sold. We do scan for malicious activity and our servers create activity logs as do all servers these are retained for short periods.

More troubling than Government surveillance for the vast majority of users is data collection and profiling by big business. Companies are collecting, sharing and selling you private information. While government surveillance is generally external while companies are on the inside with apps you use and trust or at least accept their terms of service. We’re pretty sure the government buys from companies  what they don’t collect.

We believe you have a right to confidential communication. Privacy is a right generally valued and protected, we believe it should be expected . Our purpose is to help provide private communication over the internet.

You are the primary security provider for your information, if you use a phone app or mail client provided by the cell phone maker to send and receive mail, your mail is not secure or private. We would have many more subscribers if we had Apple and Google phone Apps, but we wouldn’t be secure or private. We don’t ask for or have your phone number or personal information.

The only email provider the NSA can't access? 2All service providers, your internet provider, ISP’s, Cellular providers all over the world automatically trace  data passing through there systems. The information they get includes your IP address and the remote IP address you are accessing, the device ID you are connecting with as well as the operating system and browser you are using, to the connection data there are three pieces of data that are not secure or encrypted ever; the “From” email address, the “To” email address, and the “Subject” field. Don’t put too much information in your subject field. If you don’t include a subject your email may be rejected. 

When you use for your email in conjunction with a secure web browser the only information passed to your service providers is that you connected to your email server, if you use a Tor browser or Onion routing they don’t get that information.

Your connection to our server is through a secure encrypted tunnel, your computer or other device is acting as a terminal. Everything you do is on our server, all messages are sent and received by our servers utilizing end to end encryption. The only record of what you have done on you device , written or read, is in your browser history. Clear your browser history and there is no record.

If you are looking for a private secure email service we have been providing just that for over 25 years. There is no more secure email connection than between two users connected to using a secure web browser with or without PGP encryption. We have one user tier, one level of service, secure.

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